2016 – Melbourne

Organising CSForum 2016 was probably one of the most rewarding professional experiences I’ve ever had. To meet some of the biggest content strategy names in the world, coupled with being surrounded by my peers from all over Australia and New Zealand, was immensely satisfying. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very big task to put it together, but it’s invigorating, inspiring and ultimately absolutely worth it to see how much people enjoy and benefit from it. It has certainly started a new wave of CS love Down Under!Lennie Beattie, Conference Manager, 2016

As CSForum 2016 media starts emerging, we’ll collate it here. It can take a couple of weeks before it’s all collected. Crowdsourced material generally appears later. If you know of something missing, please let us know via @cs_forum.

Program resources

Media is centralised in Table 1. Rows are in the chronological order that speakers presented during the event.

Table 1: Media products from CSForum 2016. Session links to slide decks, when available. Speaker links to Twitter (only one account if dual speakers). Media is whatever resources organisers produced (podcasts, video, spotlight interviews, etc.)
The Value of Content Design: CSForum 2016

Hawk Thompson

Visual media



Crowdsourced resources we’ve managed to track down. Items are listed in alphabetical by author first names. Let us know what’s missing.

Blog posts, write-ups, and samaritan reporting