2012 – Cape Town

What struck me most about CS Forum 2012 was how the content strategy community from right across the world showed up so wholeheartedly, absolutely determined to have a good time. There was no nitpicking, no criticism, no ugly backchannel, just total enthusiasm and support from speakers and attendees alike. Sure, I’d like to think that holding the conference at a vineyard outside Cape Town and arranging a cheetah-petting session as an official conference activity added to the charm, but ultimately CS Forum 2012 was memorable because of its warm, smart and generous people.Kerry-Anne Gilowey, Conference Manager, 2012

Everything produced from CS Forum 2012, the Cape Town event, at your fingertips. You’re welcome.

Program resources

Conference media from CSF 2012 is centralised in Table 1. Workshop products are not available, thus not included in table.

Table 1: CS Forum 2012 conference media. Session links to slide decks, when available. Speaker links to Twitter (only one account if dual speakers). Media is whatever resources organisers produced (podcasts, video, spotlight interviews, etc.)
Morning keynote: You are everywhere

Kristina Halvorson

Content in the age of promiscuous reuseRachel LovingerVideo
HTML5 101 for content specialistsBruce LawsonVideo
Afternoon keynote: Content in a write/read web

Luke Wroblewski

How to build SEO into content strategyJonathon ColmanVideo
Guerillas in their midst: giving people CS skills from the inside

Relly Annett-Baker

Content & cashMelissa Rach
Empathy: Content strategy's hidden deliverableCorey VilhauerSpotlight
Shifting content teams from single-channel to multi-channel focus

Heléne Lindsay

Voice and tone: Creating content for humansKate Kiefer Lee
Legal content: The final frontier for content strategyFrances Gordon
Content strategy in Brazil: Where it is now and where it’s goingIbrahim Cesar
Making eBay’s help content helpful againLucie Hyde
Content strategy in hostile environments

Thomas Bevan

A funny thing happened on the way to the pattern library

Tracy Ulin

Compassionate content: Developing social resolution for photos on Facebook

Diane Murphy

Embracing your role as a change agentJonathan Kahn
Integrating linguists in agile software development teams

Joaquín Moreno

Visualising data: Seeing is believingRichard Ingram
How a university web team brought a presidential debate to lifeKate Johnson
The mess we’re (not) in: Content strategy in the corporate environmentMax Johns
Structuring content, restructuring organisationsSara Wachter-Boettcher
The audience you didn’t know you hadAngela Colter
Big content: Complexity, modelling, and maintaining meaning

John Alderman

A short history of everything (or at least content strategy)

Randall Snare and Elizabeth McGuane



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Bonus material

Before the conference, attendees of a Cape Town meetup were treated to this preview greeting from some of the speakers.