CSForum next time?

We are now accepting bids from hopeful organizers who would like to bring the next CSForum to their location. Bids must be submitted soon for a 2017 conference. See the bidding schedule below.

CSForum around the world.

You may bid for any future year but mind the deadlines. Read the organizers information for complete details.

Be mindful of the bidding deadlines in the following table. If no bids are received for a given year, there will be no CSForum for that year.

CSForum YearBid DeadlineDecision Date
201715 Dec 201631 Dec 2016
201831 Aug 201730 Sep 2017
201931 Aug 201830 Sep 2018

About CSForum, the conference

Before we became an organized community in late 2013 by the same name, “Content Strategy Forum” (CSF) was a one-off conference in Paris that miraculously happened a few more times by the seat of its pants (rather, by the love and attention of the London, Cape Town, and Helsinki organizers). We now own and care for the event — branded as CSForum — but maintain the cooperative spirit that made early conference years possible against so many odds.

We partner with members of our community to collaborate on the effort, as follows: CSF manages the process for finding future organizers and provides them with the platform and historical resources to be successful. In turn, organizers plan and orchestrate the event at a local scale, bringing Content Strategy education to their area and benefitting from the exposure. Together, along with other conference participants, we help advance the field of Content Strategy on an international scale and have fun doing it.

How would you like to be involved with CSForum?

Possibility of skipping a year

It’s possible CSForum could skip a given year if we have difficulty finding a future host. Should this ever happen, status of the situation will be clearly indicated at the top of this page.