Destry Wion

Jeff MacIntyre once called me CSF’s “chief architect” for conceiving the original CSF idea and chairing the first conference program in Paris. I guess that label has become more accurate over time. Like a godfather, I’ve been involved with CSF in one way or another ever since.
I coorganised the London event, helped establish the conference’s rotating nature and guiding principles, made the connections for Helsinki and Frankfurt events to happen, and founded this CSF cooperative to provide stewardship for future CSF events, and to serve as a community platform for year-round collaboration. I currently stand-in as CSF’s editor-in-chief. Many smart and gracious people have contributed
along the way too, most significantly the organisers who have invested time, energy, and money to make memorable conference experiences happen.
You may learn more about me personally and professionally at I’m happy to help you put your digital content assets in order, if you’re so inclined.

Neptune's viceroy ♆