CSF (Content Strategy Forum) is an open, volunteer-driven community that takes a CBPP (Commons-based peer production) approach to building and sharing information and resources for the Content Strategy community at large. Accomplishments are made through the good will, common interests, and various talents of people like you that come together and get it done. CSF is simply the platform by which those accomplishments are discussed, organized, launched, maintained, and identified. Everything evolves over time. If you have an interest in content strategy — even a mild curiosity — then you’re in good company here.


CSF 2010 badge reading, It's the content, stupid.
Where it all began.

We weren’t always a community, exactly. CSF was originally conceived as a one-time event. But it was a special event, happening at the right time and place, and with the right people.

The event was, arguably, one of the key catalysts behind the field of Content Strategy exploding out of North America and onto the world scene. Read a little more on our history, if you like.


Our ship’s heading will adjust as the field of Content Strategy evolves. But for the time being, our bearing is made by the following waypoints:

  1. Cultivate an international community of people that share, collaborate, and produce content strategy resources.
  2. Build and maintain content strategy tools and references for public use.
  3. Contribute to industry literature and curate a vetted body of industry reading.
  4. Enable community members around the world to bring content strategy events to their locations.

If you have thoughts about how we can be more worthwhile, we’d love to here them. True to our open nature, we’d prefer you signed up in our Discussion Boards and share your ideas there.

Crew and contributions

The steering crew are here to keep watch and help coordinate. We’d like to have you doing something too. Here are a number of ideas to get involved, but your ideas are welcome as well.

Contact us

If you have a question of a…private nature, contact us by email. Thanks!