CSForum next time?

CSForum 2016 is a wrap, which adds a new point on our global map. A big applause and hearty thanks goes to Lennie Beattie and team at Content Ark for making it possible and bringing CSForum to Melbourne, Australia.

CSForum around the world.

We are now accepting bids from hopeful organizers who would like to bring the next CSForum to their location. Read the organizers information for complete details.

Be mindful of the bidding deadlines in the following table. If no bids are received for a given year, there will be no CSForum for that year.

CSForum YearBid DeadlineDecision Date
201715 Dec 201631 Dec 2016
201831 Aug 201730 Sep 2017
201931 Aug 201830 Sep 2018

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When it comes to career training, there are a few options for getting a leg up: articles and books, webinars, conference presentations, workshops, vendor/brand certifications, MOOCs, or the big-time tackling of a university degree. Those of us interested in the relatively new field of Content Strategy have had to settle for the piecemeal approach; picking and choosing from limited offerings because formal degrees are not yet mainstream. But a new educational option appears on the horizon. While specifics are still ironing out, the Content Strategy School could be a viable option to shape oneself into a major content strategy asset, without the steep investments of higher education.