Thank you, and farewell.

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Our time is done

CSF has come to its end, and we are not sad. We are happy to have played a modest role in helping to popularize the field of Content Strategy, and we have 6 wonderful conferences under the belt to prove it. One being the world's first conference fully dedicated to the subject of "Content Strategy" (hat tip to STC France, R.I.P.). Not bad for a handful of volunteers. Now we're nearly 8 years since Content Stategy Forum was a name and thing, and the needs of the field have grown beyond what volunteers can feasibly provide.

Your continued interest with CSF over the years has been most appreciated. We have watched veterans become legends, and unknowns become topic experts and published authors. Others have found different directions entirely. We will cherish the memories and friendships we've made from it all. But it's time to dock this vessel and liberate captain and crew.

Anticipating a few questions, here’s what you can expect at this point...

CSF’s brand and remaining pulse of activity will boil down to a set of CSF repositories on GitHub. That’s a reliable link going forward (or as reliable as GitHub can be, anyway). Expect the content and structure to change as we migrate relevant content out of other web locations and into the repository archives. You are welcome to take part in projects that remain active there for the sake of learning. (The embers under the glossary project still glow, for example.)

Our web domain here (, so this farewell message too, will remain only as long as it’s currently paid for. If you published articles with us in the past, you are free to republish your work at your own websites. Select articles will eventually be available as Markdown files in the main CSF repository (patience please). If you would like yours sooner, give a shout at our Twitter account. (Yes, links are going to break, sorry. This is a fast and sloppy exit.)

The discussion boards ( will be taken offline immediately, and all user accounts created to date will be deleted along with the database. Personal details will not be saved.

All our third-party accounts (LinkedIn, Slack, TinyLetter, Google stuff, and so on) will be freed of any valuable content and closed one-by-one in no particular order.

Our Twitter account (@cs_forum) will remain active through the first quarter of 2018 as our only means of contact, should anyone have questions and like to reach us. Eventually it too will close.

And that's about it!

If we can give one bit of parting advice, take this: Be ethical in your position and choices, and resist those who are not. The world needs that now more than ever.

Good luck with your ongoing adventures in content strategy. Maybe we'll see you around.

Destry Wion,
CSF Founder